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Don’t let a lack of time, money and skill keep your business from looking as professional as it should. I get it, you’re trying to provide for your family and the families of your employees by producing a quality product or service, but you struggle with feeling invisible. You matter and you deserve to be seen and heard. With over a decade of design and marketing experience, I’m here to help you share your story and increase visibility.


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I will craft a custom design solution to help you look more professional and share your story.



I will create all the print and digital assets to execute the plan.

Hello there.

My name is Douglas Shelton, but most people call me Doug. I am the owner/operator of Shelton Design LLC. For over a decade, I had the opportunity to provide companies like Comcast, GE, AT&T, and smaller businesses and startups with exceptional design services.

Shelton Design LLC exists to serve business owners by providing high quality print and digital design at the fraction of the cost of a marketing firm or internal employees. One of the ways I do this is by working with an exclusive group of contract designers. Which means you are not paying for a bloated staff, you are only paying for what you need. For instance, if your building a website with me and the project only calls for design, copywriting, and programing, then that is all you are paying for. No hidden fees, no 80% mark ups, just quality work we can all be proud of.

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